Broadmeadows SDS provides some specialised individual and small group literacy programs for selected students. These programs include intensive letter and sound recognition, with a focus on phonics to assist with reading and writing. Students practise basic reading to build an understanding of sentence structure and to increase sight word recognition and general vocabulary. They engage in language games and activities as well as a range of fine motor activities to improve hand-eye coordination and promote handwriting skills. Students are encouraged to share personal experiences to build confidence in oral language and social conversational skills. They also record their experiences in writing journals where they use wordlists and dictionaries to assist with spelling.

Comprehension and reading for meaning provide a strong focus for the literacy program and students reflect on their reading by asking and answering questions. Students are encouraged to use technology to increase their knowledge on writing topics and as a medium to publish or present their written works. All of these literacy programs are tailored to the individual needs of the students and relate back to their PSG goals.