The Physical Education program at BSDS supports students to move in as many ways as possible. By participating in a range of games, physical activities, and sports, students develop their confidence and ability to perform a range of different movements and skills, which in turn improves their strength, endurance, and coordination.

Students are supported to learn how to participate in games alongside their peers, learning about teamwork, fair play, and following the rules of a game. The PE specialists at BSDS collaborate with Occupational Therapists, Speech Pathologists, and Physiotherapists, to ensure that activities are functional, provide students with a better understanding of how their bodies move, and are catered to the individual needs of students.


Some of the special PE programs running at BSDS include:

•Perceptual Motor Program (PMP): PMP is a station based program aimed to teach Early Years students about waiting and turn taking whilst developing fundamental movement skills like catching, throwing, jumping, rolling, skipping, crawling, balancing and climbing.

•Middle Years Sport: This program brings in specialised coaches from different sporting organisations to teach students from our Middle Years section about a range of different sports. Coaches teach sport specific skills as students participate in games.   This program provides students with the opportunity to practise cooperation skills with their peers in a fun and exciting sporting environment.

•Interschool Sport:  Senior students have the exciting opportunity to engage in a community based sport program with other schools.  As part of this community access program, students enjoy sporting competitions, socialising with peers outside of their school community and making new friends as they learn about teamwork and sportsmanship through games and sport.

•Swimming: Every year we run a school-wide swimming program that gives our students the opportunity to develop their skills whilst out in the community.  Students learn about water safety and swimming skills from qualified AUSTSWIM instructors. A significant focus within this program is providing students with the time and support needed to develop their dressing skills as they put on and take off swimming attire and their school uniform in the change rooms.  It is always a week filled with fun and learning, from which students can take home a new set of skills to enjoy when out in the community with their families.