The Middle Years curriculum is driven by the Victorian Curriculum. Students build their literacy and numeracy skills, are exposed to a wide range of discipline-based learning areas and work towards greater independence in the area of Personal and Social Capability. The area of Personal and Social Capability supports students in becoming confident individuals with a sense of self-awareness and personal identity that enables them to manage their emotional and physical wellbeing. On a social level, it helps students to form and maintain healthy relationships and prepares them for their potential life roles as family and community members.

The Middle Years section has a strong focus on developing literacy and numeracy skills. Students are provided with opportunities to develop these skills through a variety of teaching methods and contexts. Students use literacy and numeracy throughout day to day activities in meaningful situations. Students explore and develop literacy and numeracy concepts in the classroom, and then transfer the use of these skills to the wider school community.

Student learning areas in the Middle Years section include:

•  Personal and Social Capabilities
•  English
•  Mathematics
•  Science & Technologies
•  The Humanities – History & Geography
•  Health and Physical Education
•  The Arts